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Since 2010, WebCopyCat has proven itself as the #1 System for ‘non-techie’ people looking to make money online!  Now (for a limited time) you can access the entire system for just $1!

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Give Me ANY Average Person (Who Can Copy & Paste) And I GUARANTEE I’ll Have Them Setting Up Their Own Highly Profitable Internet Business & Building A List…
All In As Little AS 27 Minutes From Right Now!
(And if I’m Wrong… You Can Just Have My Staff Set Everything Up FOR YOU!)

Let’s be real. 
If you’re looking for a tool to help you make web-pages, you have no shortage of options. 
But, if you’re a BEGINNER who is just looking for something SIMPLE without all of the fancy frills, and confusing options then that’s MUCH harder to come by
That’s why we created WebCopyCat!
This system is for beginners only & “non-techie” people only! 
If you understand HTML, programming, how to create auto-responder code, hosting, uploading files, creating your own products etc… Then this system is NOT for you!
I’ll keep this quick.
Here’s how the system works.


In order to make money on line you’re going to need something called a “sales funnel”.
A sales funnel (or “Profit Funnel” as we like to call it) consists of at least 3 components. 
Those 3 parts are:
  • An opt-in page (so that you can build your email list)
  • A primary offer (something to offer people after they get on your list)
  • And what’s called an upsell (an offer that comes immediately after the primary 


All you do is PERSONALIZE them so that the people go onto YOUR EMAIL LIST and so that YOU get commissions when someone buys something!
And check this out…
We’ll even add a new totally complete web business to your member’s area on a regular basis so that you ALWAYS have a new source of income!



Getting traffic can be a pain in the butt! 
That’s why, with our system, we’ve made it possible for you to just ORDER the traffic! Just decide how much traffic you want (based on your budget) and then click a button and order the traffic, just like you would order a pizza.
The traffic comes straight to YOUR Profit Funnel and the interested prospects get put on to YOUR email list! 



When someone who has come through your funnel decides to buy one of the products, you get commissions (minus any merchant account fees)! 
Commissions are deposited into YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT on the 1st and the 15th of every month!
And if they don’t purchase, no worries! They’re on your list, which means that we can offer lots of different affiliate products to them later! 
OK… That SOUNDS Easy Enough…
But Is It REALLY That Easy!
Look,  I know you’re looking for something real!
And I respect that. 
The short answer to your question is YES, this system IS working for ‘everyday’ people (some of whom had never even made $1 online before they joined us) 
But I want you to keep something in mind 
Just because it worked for them, does NOT mean that you’re going to get rich overnight! 
This is BUSINESS and there are never any guarantees! 
That being said, check out what a few of our REAL MEMBERS are saying about the system. 

That being said, check out what a few of our REAL MEMBERS are saying about the system.

"I just became a member of Webcopycat. It is awesome man. I also want to say that webcopycat is exactly what I needed bro.. It's now time to drive (oops, I mean ORDER) some traffic! Thanks for all your support"

Chris Ibarra

“... WebCopyCat Is EXACTLY What I Needed!”

"Devon, I just wanted to say that I've never seen instructions that were so easy to follow. I had my first website system up about 45 minutes after I purchased WebCopyCat and now it's on to order the “pizza traffic” you’ve provided for us! I cant thank you enough for this system"

Marjorie Williams

“... My First System Up In 45 Minutes”

"thank you to for this big break for me all I have to do now is send traffic now to my two websites and I know now I will be make some money...Thank You Thank You"

Thomas J Jacob

“....Thank You Thank You!”

"You seem to have dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s with this program. Thank you so much, you are now making me believe in myself again. After nearly hitting rock bottom you have given me hope once again. May you have all the success you deserve."

George Taylor

“...I Believe In Myself Again”

"Aloha Devon, I am on your program and sending it thru and got the system set-up. Appreciate the simple set-up. Now I need to get traffic and start making some money. That’s the most exciting part and I know things don’t happen over nite. But this system was really simple to get going."

Lani Key

“...Appreciate The Simple Setup”

"Devon, I just wanted to say that once you get one site setup, the rest are real easy. It looks to be a very good system. Thanks"

Robert R

“....This Looks To Be A Very Good System”

"As someone who has helped train hundreds of people in the area of internet marketing, I can tell you that I've personally worked with a countless number of individuals who have paid in upwards of $3000 - $5000 to get virtually the same end result as is achieved by using Devon's Web Copy Cat Software."

Josh Brown

“....You Should Definitely Use This Software”

"Devon, I've been a member of WebCopyCat for going on 2HOURS now and all I can say is that this program is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I've been trying to make money online for years, but I usually just end up falling flat on my face. I've spent literally thousands of dollars trying literally dozens of systems. Most home study courses and other programs I've purchased in the past usually just make me end up with more information overload than when I started; but with WebCopyCat, I was actually able to to get MORE of the RIGHT stuff done in about an hour than I've been able to in any 2 month period of time since I started online. I've gotten more value out of your program my first day than I have EVER gotten in any of the thousand dollar training programs I've purchased in the past. I just wanted to take a second to write you and tell you thanks."

Marcus Wright

“...Absolutely Amazing“

"First of all, let me just say that I’m so glad to have found you and your Web Copy Cat System. I have been looking a long time for a home based biz that a total newbie like me can learn and operate without having to be some kind of genius or tech geek. Your step by step instructions made me feel that you are with me all the way. In my book that outweighs by far most, if not all of the other systems I have seen. And I have seen a lot in my search for "THE ONE". To put it simply, YOU F- ING ROCK, DUDE!!!!!"


“...Appreciate The Simple Setup”

Here’s Everything That’s Included With The System:


We’re So Confident In How Awesomely Simple Our System Is… We’ll Let You TEST DRIVE IT RISK FREE
(& Profit From It) For Just $1 Measly Dollar


Ok, I’ll make you a deal too sweet to refuse.
What if I give you instant access to the system for just $1 measly dollar!
You can get your very first profit funnel set up, order some traffic to it, and then for yourself whether or not the system is as simple as we say it is.
Then, after 10 days, you can start paying the normal amount for the system (just $35) and we’ll open up a few more profit funnels to you. 
Keep sticking with the system, and we’ll keep opening up more profit funnels for you to use. 
But I should let you know, the $1 trial offer won’t be around much longer.



Bottom Line – Don’t Let $1 Measly Dollar Stand In The Way Of Your Potential Financial Freedom

REMEMBER: This is the #1 Easiest System Ever created for “NON-TECHIE” beginners. We’ve done all of the hard work so you don’t have to.
You know those systems that SAY they’re easy, but when you actually try them out, you find out that they’re really not…
Well, this is JUST THE OPPOSITE of one of those 
With our system... 

 You DON'T need to now HTML or know how to build a website!
 You DON'T have to have a product to sell or know how to create one (we’ve already taken care of it)
 You DON'T have to know how to drive traffic (you just push a button and we’ll send the traffic for you)
 You DON'T have to have any prior Internet marketing knowledge! (Just be able to follow some simple instructions)


But you will get...


 A completely "done for you" online business that will allow you to create multiple streams of income
 Professionally designed squeeze pages to build your email list and make you money on auto-pilot, month after month - You know what they say... "the money is in the list"
  Traffic systems on demand - You never have to worry about getting traffic to your website again
  Pessionally crafted auto-responder messages to stay in contact with your email list and customers automatically without lifting a finger
  Training and support to help you along the way - If you have a question or need help with anything, we're here for you!
  Access to a brand new profit funnels on a regular basis!
  Have your first profit funnel up and running in less than one hour from now (it typically takes only 27 - 45 minutes to get a complete profit funnel set up)
What you’re about to access is so much fun, you'll be amazed. 
It's so simple that just about anyone could do it (like I said before, it's so simple that you could even just have your kids set it up for you).
This is not fly-by-night gimmick or a get rich quick scheme; like I said… this system has been helping everyday people make money online since 2010.
You've never seen a site like this one and you've never been given an offer like this one either. 
This system is a true game changer but I’m only letting you test it out for $1 for a limited time! So Act Now! 


To Your Online Success,

Devon Brown

P.S. – Remember, you don’t just get ONE business.. you get MULTIPLE WEB BUSINESS. We’ll add a new one to your member’s area on a regular basis at no additional charge! 

Test Drive Now For Just $1!

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